Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Arkansas sixth graders, the latest gadget wonks

Students assess product

Students from Fox Meadow Intermediate Center put the Weather X Flashlight/Radio through its paces.

(Credit: MrCoversClassReviews.com)

Sixth graders at Fox Meadow Intermediate Center in Jonesboro, Ark., have started testing consumer products and posting their reviews online. And given their clear and thorough assessments, it looks like Jonesboro may have a future David Pogue or Walt Mossberg in its ranks.

Students in Millard Cover's reading classes are getting gadget-ey to learn to apply analytical and critical skills to nonfiction. "When we review a product, we first review news releases, advertising, packaging, manuals, and other written materials to see how the product is supposed to perform," the students explain on their Web site. "Then we test it to see how it does compared to our expectations based upon our reading."

The young gadgeteers have just posted their first set of reviews--of the Weather X Flashlight/Radio emergency and safety weather device.

Many students gave the product a smiley emoticon for being easy to read and having a number of power sources (rechargeable batteries, AAA batteries, and a hand crank). A number of young reviewers found the alarm hard to set, earning that feature a frown. But overall, the kids found the product up to their standards, ruling that it warrants their own quality-recognition distinction--the coveted "Sly Fox Award."

"This lean, mean, little cool machine is a functional device that can help you in storms such as tornadoes, hurricanes, flash flood warnings and severe thunder storms," writes one team of reviewers. "This device can help you with all those things FOR A LOW PRICE OF $29.99."

Testing the gadget outdoors

Students test the Weather X Flashlight/Radio outdoors.

(Credit: MrCoversClassReviews.com)

Future review products are likely to be a karaoke machine and a flying, remote-controlled helicopter, according to Cover. Manufacturers who would like their goods reviewed by the students can contact Cover via the MrCoversClassReviews.com site. Products can be returned or donated for a student raffle.

But the Arkansas gadget watchers aren't stopping at consumer electronics. As the final step of the reading project, they will use their analytical skills, honed through the review procedures, to analyze scholarship applications. They will then award two, privately funded $500 "Sly Fox Scholarships" to high-school seniors from their school district.

But scholarship applicants best beware. Cover's students have exacting standards.

"The 6th graders who will be evaluating these scholarship applications are ruthless when it comes to checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.," the kids warn on their site. "So, please be sure to edit and proof your application prior to submission."

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Samsung X820

Samsung X820

The Samsung X820 comes in an ultra slim design with well defined keypads and an easy to control navigation. The TFT display screen provides 256K colours and a screen resolution of 220 x 170 pixels. It also acts as the viewfinder for the camera feature. The X820 is packed with features like:

2 mega pixel camera
The integrated camera features a video recorder to capture those unforgettable moments of your life for a vivid memoir. The camera is made more attractive with the 4x digital zoom that lets you compose your frames exactly the way you would like to. Send the pictures in the JPEG format to your friends or send it to your PC.

The multimedia features include a music player and a video player. The music player supports MP3, AAC and AAC+ file formats. Set an MP3 music track as your ringtone or use any of the funky polyphonic ringtones. Send pictures and video clips via multimedia messaging service.

Impeccable connectivity features like Bluetooth, USB, EDGE and GPRS make the phone all the more attractive. The phone operates on GSM Tri-Band networks.

With the enhanced WAP 2.0 browser and data transfer technologies like EDGE and GPRS, accessing the internet and e-mails becomes quick and easy. Download games and wall papers from the internet directly to your phone.

Micro Mosquito R/C Helicopter

The Micro Mosquito from Interactive Toy Concepts is the world s smallest, lightest and most stable indoor R/C helicopter. Fully assembled only inches long and whisper silent, its packed with high-tech ingenuity and fits in the palm of your hand!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Gadget audio: Mi Flower

Gadget audio: Consigning boring old blooms to the compost heap, this impossibly cute, motion-sensitive flower/speaker actually 'feeds' on the music it hears. Simply plug in your MP3 player and Mi-Flower wakes up, wiggling its leaves as its animated 'face' and petals light up.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Cool gadget:the Wheelman

This is a very cool gadget!

Toy gadget: the plam z micro plane

The incredible infrared Palm Z indoor Micro Plane is probably the smallest remote controlled aerobatic aeroplane in the world.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Archos 504 160GB Multi Format Portable Multimedia Player

Archos 504 160GB Multi Format Portable Multimedia Player The ARCHOS 504 is the PMP with the biggest storage capacities of the Gen 4 range. Available in 80 and 160GB* versions, The ARCHOS 504 can store up to 4505 movies and its bright and luminous 16/9 screen brings you the best portable video experience.